This video was shot at Camarote is in Caleta de Velez on the 1st of December. ‘‘Twas a sunny Saturday afternoon and was well attended. This was the first time we played this track “Please Come Home for Christmas”, without rehearsing, so I think we done good!

When it comes to having the blues at Christmas, the plaintive cry of Charles Brown’s “Please Come Home for Christmas” is difficult to beat. The Texas-based blues singer recorded in the song in 1960s. It failed to catch fire right away, but soon became popular in the southeast region of the country.

In more recent times, the song has gained popularity as bands have covered it, including The Eagles, whose version made it into the Top 40 in 1978. For some, that’s a cryin’ shame. Others think The Eagles took an obscure, but terrific tune and brought it to the masses.


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